Top product: Samsung BD-ES6000

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The top product of this week is a 3D Blu-ray player: Samsung BD-ES6000
With this ultra-compact 3d Blu-ray player you can watch the latest 3D movies and enjoy an incredible image and sound quality!
Thanks to the built-­in Wifi, you can wirelessly access Samsung Apps or other Blu-­ray features and connect to your wireless home network. You can also sync and stream content to other DLNA-enabled PCs, smartphones, tablets and cameras via Samsung AllShare DLNA technology.





Smart Hub provides a single location for all of your favorite smart content, giving you easy and instant access to apps, photos, videos, web browsers and much more.
Samsung BD-ES6000 also provides access to Smart Hub services, a platform for all of your favorite smart content, giving you easy and instant access to apps, photos, videos, web browsers and much more.
With its front panel USB port, you can directly plug a USB flash drive and instantly enjoy your digital media (MP3, WMA, DiVX…).

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Ana 04/26/2017 03:19

Top product! I always love the Samsung product!

restorecenterla 02/06/2017 21:18

I always love the Samsung product. They have just stepped it up 200 hundred notches

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